Gathered in one place.

Poolside. Miami. Yesterday. Britney with her sons, sister, and niece at their luxe hotel, enjoying some downtime between shows. It’s easy to forget both girls are still so young. Britney is still only 27. And Jamie Lynn just turned 18 in April. Babies! So many babies!

Jamie Lynn was not accompanied by her baby daddy Casey and Britney’s agent boyfriend Jason Trawick has not been seen with her in a few weeks, prompting speculation that it’s already over. On all fronts. For Britney though, as she nears the end of the conservatorship under daddy, there is concern over how a single Britney will handle her new freedom.

The counter argument against pressuring her perform, squeezing every drop of juice and every dollar out of her before it’s too late, is that touring gives her life structure. The problem with Britney has always been that she cannot function without structure. With structure comes focus, with focus comes stability, and without stability comes the possibility of her bare hoo hoo and a shaved head.

Child stardom. Awesome.

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