Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson were both present at son Ryder’s little league game the other day in Malibu. Kate was very friendly with Robinson’s young daughter Cheyenne and his new wife Allison. All very civilised.

That was also the case over at Sean Preston Federline’s little league game this weekend as his dad Kevin and mom Britney and her boyfriend Jason Trawick and grandparents were all there to support him. Normally I can’t tell her two boys apart. But Sean Preston is the one playing, which makes it easy. And he’s super cute. It must be the uniform. The shot of him standing on base having an important discussion with a member of the opposing team is killing me. And Jayden James seems to get on very well with Trawick. All very civilised.

In other Chicken Fried news, her album Femme Fatale drops a week tomorrow. She’s also scheduled to perform “live” in San Francisco on Good Morning America on March 29th – taped from March 27th. Apparently five songs? Errrrmm…

Here’s the thing about Britney: she has burned us so many times in the sense that you get jacked up for something she’s about to do and then it happens and a nail goes flying or her weave almost comes off or she looks spaced out and can’t dance and you wonder how you fell for it again… only to fall for it again, again. Britney really is special that way. You keep rooting for her.

Photos from Flynetonline.com