One of Britney’s kids (I still can’t tell them apart, and thank you in advance to all you know-it-alls who are about to tell me) had a little league game this weekend. She and her boyfriend Jason Trawick showed up to watch him. Kevin Federline and his gf Victoria Prince were also there. Britney sat near Victoria and the two were observed chatting amiably. So it’s all good in the trailer park. Like Fried Chicken is now the model for civilised divorced parenting. She can manage that but not find a pair of leggings without a hole…?

Anyway, Britney’s new album Femme Fatale drops on March 29th. She says she thinks it’s her best ever, something superlative-y like that. A preview of the next single (Drop Dead) Beautiful was released last week. As you’d expect, it’s over produced and heavily machine-voiced, but her beats are always strong, like they always save her the best ones. Music To Run To. Can’t wait to see her dance around half asleep in the video.

You want to know what’s wrong with Christina Aguilera?

It’s the same way you overtrain an athlete. This is what happens with these kids. They’re pushed into show business, they’re employed like adults, and you exhaust them too early, there’s no gas left. Nothing in reserve either. And you have to wait years to build it up again. If at all, ever.

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