Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, the model from the Slumber Party video, were out together just before Christmas. At the time, I wondered whether or not that meant that she would have a holiday boyfriend. Definitely. And in bed too.

Britney showed up on Sam’s Insta story on Christmas day, all cuddled up:

If he’s with her at Christmas, he must be with her, with her, like for serious? Probably. As noted, Britney doesn’t know how to do slow. Last night Britney and Sam were seen at Nobu in Malibu having dinner with some friends. The photos should be online soon. They’re not super high quality but one of those friends looks like Cade Hudson, a former publicist and now an agent at CAA handling personal appearances. He and Britney have been friends for years, from back when she was with Jason Trawick, and even before. Cade and Jason are close too. Cade is very well-liked in Hollywood, and not necessarily in a fake bullsh-t LA way either. He’s one of the few people who’s never sold Britney out. So, if this was an introduction, if she’s introducing Sam to Cade, that might be another sign that whatever’s happening here is happening quickly, and that certain members of her circle are vetting the new guy.