Britney Spears and her boyfriend went out for groceries today. They held hands on their way out. You think he’s moved in yet? It’s been a couple months now, right? Britney doesn’t do the slow date. Britney meets. Britney loves. Britney cohabits. Britney proposes. With only a few minutes in between.

As you can see, Britney’s hair is held up in a red scrunch. The hair is lighter now than it was when she went brown on Oscar weekend. Many seasoned Britney watchers noted that it’s never a good sign when Britney goes dark. Sh-t goes down when Britney goes dark.

Perhaps her people noticed too. And that was enough for them to give Boyfriend Dave the go-ahead to hold hands with her in public. Is there a correlation between how often he holds hands with her in public and the lighter progression of her hair? Let’s see if this turns out to be a formula.