Two days ago, the internets were abuzz about Alli Sims"s website – Britney’s cousin/former assistant/maybe rehired assistant is launching her very own singing career. If you can bear it, have a listen to her rendition of On My Own from Les Miserables. Only if your pain tolerance is rather high. I’m warning you – it’s f&cking brutal but also really, really funny.

How convenient then, now that so many know of Alli’s aspirations, that she’s suddenly back in Britney’s fold? Alli accompanied Britney last night at Winston’s where the paps were ready and waiting to grab the shots.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Makes me sad. No one in Britney’s life is ever there because it’s the only place they want to be. Everyone wants something.

So here they are: Britney and a new admittedly more attractive male companion and of course Alli all smiles, eager to jump off her cousin’s rapidly falling star. Have to say…Britney does look marginally improved. Skank ass extensions and bloat face are still there but the ensemble is almost clean, just a little white powder on that left leg, and it fits properly, and even though it’s a little Liza Minnelli, at the very least, we can’t see her hoo hoo.

It’s all relative, see?