My friend Duana once made the observation – why don’t Britney’s kids ever age?

They do always look the same, non?

Could be because Jayden James looks so much like his big brother Sean Preston, and they were only born 12 months apart almost to the day, so not only does one year seem like two, but it’s also difficult to tell which is which.

I have no interest examining babies which is why I’ve no idea who’s who in these new shots of Chicken Fried frying herself on holiday in Marina Del Ray with her booboos and their brand new haircuts. The bowlcuts are gone! And there isn’t one frame of her smoking around them. Amazing.

Britney is enjoying a few days off before coming to Canada later this week to resume Circus. She goes right through the end of September before a month long break and then Australia until the end of November, at which point she’ll presumably be released.

She’s also been nominated for several Moonmen at the MTV VMAs going down September 13 in New York. Am hoping she’s not performing. Because she’ll be embarrassed when her slow motion movements get dusted by the others already confirmed to take the stage. Unless of course it’s another Gimme More. Always in the mood for a flying gel nail.

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