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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 31, 2007 08:13:30 October 31, 2007 08:13:30

Another assistant speaks! This time a more sympathetic portrayal of Britney from a girl who spent 3 months with her non stop from soon after her split with KFed right up to when she was admitted to rehab.

Kalie Machado met Britney at her house in early December 2006 as part of a hair styling team hired to put in Britney’s weave. Britney took one look at Kalie and wanted to be her friend – which meant Kalie was quickly added to the payroll.

Kalie claims that Britney was devastated when she and Kevin broke up. He was focused on his own pathetic career and resentful that she kept stealing his attention. After a huge fight last Halloween, KFed booked it for New York on a solo trip to promote his album, angry that Britney would not pay the expenses. The next day she followed but Kalie says Britney was locked out and had to book accommodation instead with the babies at another hotel.

At this point, Britney had had enough. She called her lawyers, she finally wanted out. Unfortunately, Kalie explains, the move played right into Kevin’s hands. Instead of begging for her back, Britney was heartbroken that he had intended to push her to that point to begin with. During Christmas she called and called him, begging him to see her. He refused and her self worth plummeted and so began the hardcore partying, over the pleas of her parents and Larry Rudolph, that eventually led her to rehab.

Interestingly enough, in the 3 months they spent together, Kalie reveals that she never saw Britney use illegal or prescription medication. She drank, yes, but according to Kalie, that was it.

She did however say that Britney was completely clueless as a parent. Totally unaware of feeding schedules, totally disinterested in structure and security.

Calie has not spoken to Britney since her stint at Promises, says she never had a chance to say goodbye as Rudolph threw her in there abruptly, cutting off all her contacts. Which is why instead of trying to talk to Britney directly, Calie is now talking to Us Weekly …although I guess that’s sort of the same thing.

Point of the story: Britney is crazy, KFed is a golddigging loser, and the kids belong with Angelina Jolie.


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