First the OK photo shoot disaster, now comes word that it was followed by yet another debacle on the set of her video shoot. Britney was wobbly, could not perform her pole dance without stumbling, took off inexplicably for an hour long “massage” leaving a 100 member production team waiting around, and then eventually burst into tears and couldn’t go on, resulting in the crew’s dismissal without having shot – again – much usable footage. And remember… SHE was footing the bill.

The photos say it all: at one point, she apparently stopped moving and clutched her puppy, staring off into space. And then of course her body, her budget wardrobe, her budget ghetto ass weave…she might be rich as f&ck but Britney as a stripper?

There are the “classy” peeler joints - the crème de la sh-t…where the girls are fresh and nubile, have money to wax and tan and work out, look good even in daylight, demand the high rollers. And then there are the 2nd tier establishments: girls from a couple of years ago, girls who’ve passed prime but can still, under the right light, convince middle class pervs and husbands to fork out a few without risking the mortgage. After that it’s Skid Row: girls with bruises who can barely keep their eyes open, girls not dead, not alive, girls who’ve been owned and then sold back and owned and sold back more times than they can remember…

Britney Spears, I’m afraid, once on top of the world, even with millions in her bank account, has that look about her. Almost sad smut.


Here she is on some kind of date Saturday night – another night of bar hopping in LA, fresh off her trip to Vegas during which her bodyguard was involved in an altercation and her party was unceremoniously tossed from the Wynn. Early buzz on Friday seemed to suggest a reconciliation attempt with Lynne Spears, also on her way to Vegas. Needless to say, that never happened. Instead, Britney headed back for Hollywood and back on the circuit for more debauchery. Details coming…

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