Is it over??? The battle for Britney between Sam Lutfi and Adnan the pappy has apparently been waged and won and as of press time, it looks like Sam has emerged victorious now that Britney has f*cked Adnan enough times to get it out of her system. News broke on Saturday that Sam even went so far as to take out a restraining order against Adnan – an report that AFed is disputing. He in fact is insisting that things are fine.

But British Britney now claims she doesn’t know him from ass, seemingly putting an end to their short lived but dramatic relationship. Click here to hear British Britney break up with Adnan via paparazzi. How apropos, non?

Still…her addiction to pap romance does not seem to have been cured. Our girl invited a few more over to her place on Saturday for champagne and giggles.

As for her other chicken fried activities – she hit up the dance studio this weekend, supposedly to work on moves for another new video. Like …why bother? Especially if it’s a repeat of the other two videos we’ve seen from Blackout? Can’t she just shave her head again? This other sh*t is getting boring…