Let’s be clear – of course she’s severely lacking as a parent. Of course. But just because she sucks, it doesn’t make the alternative, Kevin Federline, a winner either. It does however, given that he’s a master golddigger, make her easy to extort. Which is essentially what clever KFed appears to be doing. I wonder if KFed Jr is taking notes for when his soul changing relationship with Tori Spelling hits the skids?

I digress.

The point – Britney has been cleared of all child welfare complaints and child services will no longer be investigating the matter. No matter though… the damage has been done. Because reports of the accusations are undoubtedly more widespread than recent developments - that she has been all but exonerated.

So now the mystery remains: who placed those anonymous calls?

I’m told Britney’s remaining supporters believe it’s a Federline-led smear campaign, not to save his children mind you but to make sure the children get delivered to him with a more lucrative financial arrangement.

Still…the useless twat still seems undeterred from whatever she’s planning this weekend for the VMAs. Here she is the other night with Criss Angel – she seems incapable of staying away from the freeloading losers, non?

Latest buzz on their “top secret” magic surprise is that there will be no surprise at all. That Criss is simply using Britney for the photo ops, period, and that he will not factor at all during her performance.

Chicken Fried Stupid finds another real winner.

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