Perhaps they’ve finally made enough money off of her…

TMZ is reporting that Britney’s dad Jamie Spears will seek to end his conservatorship over her in November at the end of her tour. No more daily cheese grits?

Apparently Jamie believes that Britney can function on her own now, and that the order was in place this long only for insurance reasons. Once Circus comes to an end, Jamie can go back to living off her money without having to supervise.

Many have been saying for a long time now that Britney just wants to get it over with and then retire. That she was told she had to make back what she squandered during the crazy days and then would be allowed to go away quietly. It was the deal. And she’s almost there.

This is Britney last night in St Petersburg looking …remarkably present. Most of the time on stage she’s only half awake. But that brown weave is the cheapest sh-t I’ve ever seen. She is even more low rent as a brunette.

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