First – the Piece of Me video. In case you haven’t seen it, click here. Better than the Gimme More disaster, yes. But that’s like comparing sh*t to diarrhoea. At the end of the day, it’s still sh*t and the saddest part is, there are glimpses - small, small flashes - of her former brilliance that seem unreachable no matter how hard she tries.

You will note that no scene in the video is longer than 3 seconds. Which means she couldn’t make it work for longer than 3 seconds. Which is why this effort, like Gimme More, is full of quick cuts and splices and lacklustre lipsynching. The dance moves are half assed, her expressions are half assed, even her trademark head snap is half a beat too slow… and that just about sums it up: every detail is half a beat off. Shame.

But Britney has other things to worry about. Like the Four Seasons. Apparently the hotel finally came to its senses the other night, realising her patronage is doing more harm than good. As you can see from this TMZ video, Britney was denied entry in the parkade, repeatedly told that she was “not authorised” to enter.

Flanked and subsequently defended by her usual pap entourage, Brit appears confused and then shrugs off the rejection, telling her followers that the “party’s at my house” before zooming away while that new assistant suffers in embarrassment.

Photos attached. And also images from yet another trip to Starbucks – she has like five of those “Venti whatever with whipped” concoctions a day. And then sleeps the rest of it away. At this rate, she"ll need lipo every month.

Chicken Fried glutton!

Photos from Wenn