If she can keep her weave on and actually show up, if she can commit to rehearsals and not lose her sh-t, if there is even a trace of the old Britney inside her current chicken fried iteration, she will tear up the stage at the VMAs in Vegas on September 9th. Especially if she can still groove.

As for exactly what the performance will entail, word is Cris Angel will “guide Spears in and out of a series of mirrors, making it seem as though she vanishes and then reappears several times” probably while she’s touching herself. This is Britney after all.

Web feedback from the leaked track has been generally positive. Not everyone likes it, but many many many have heard it, generating an overwhelming amount of buzz without having to spend a cent. The greedy pricks at Jive are apparently thrilled. Inside sources are also claiming the rest of the album is even better – though if Cold as Fire is any indication, I’m thinkin’ hell na. Still…professionally at least… Britney’s most loyal supporters are beginning once again to believe that a comeback is possible. Since I’m a fickle bitch, I just might hop on that train too. Undecided.

Personally, on the other hand, in regards to the custody battle… the plot thickens. Absolutely the bitch is crazy. But as I’ve said, it’s like comparing sh-t to diarrhea. Court documents released yesterday reveal that Britney makes over $700K a month – a month!!! – while KFed sees only 20 grand of that. A lot of money indeed for a freeloading cheese dick that will RUN OUT on November 15th. Britney’s lawyers drafted a pretty killer pre-nup and she’s only scheduled to pay him for another 3 months. Clearly someone is planning ahead. And using the children and the press, no less, to secure future funding.

To that end, Larry Rudolph, Britney’s loyal former manager, has finally been subpoenaed after hiding away for 2 weeks – yet another witness expected to give testimony that Britney neglects her children and is a terrible mother in the hopes of granting Federline more money as primary parent to the boys. He of course claims he only has the best interest of his boo boos at heart. Bitch… please.

Finally, here’s Britney yesterday, again at the tanning bar, which is the only thing she’s been doing all week. That and working out and detoxing… in other words, binge commitment that obviously can’t be sustained and the usual prelude to yet another lazy spell as soon as her goal (in this case the VMAs) has been achieved. It’s her way of cramming for an exam. VMA prediction: pass or fail?  

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