Britney Spears was chicken fried half asleep during the first leg of her tour last spring. Multiple cities, multiple reports: she couldn’t be bothered, performance was lackluster, she wasn’t into it at all.

After a holiday break with her boys, Britney has resumed touring in North America and many of you have written, from many locations, to say that the energy level is different, that she seems to have elevated her game, that she now rubs herself onstage with some more enthusiasm.

Perhaps it’s the hot red pants.

I don’t remember these from the earlier cycle.

Britney is playing 3 shows in NYC at Madison Square Garden. Last night she hopped around in these tight bright leggings and glasses looking much more interested than she has in months.

She and her booboos have been enjoying New York the last few days – seen here in a pedi-cab through Central Park. I can hear Duana now. They’re not twins, but they’re totally the same. And always the same. This is why they never seem to age.

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