Court was a f*cking gong show on Friday and not just the crazy pap frenzy waiting outside. Inside Britney was a mess, excusing herself to use the loo three times, knowing that reporters were in the hall monitoring her every move, and changing outfits on every occasion. Crazy bitch.

Then, as she passed by a journalist from Extra TV, midway through the CUSTODY HEARING OVER HER CHILDREN!!!, Britney shouted out:

Eat it, lick it, snort it, f&ck it!

Because somehow the judge is NOT going to hear about it on

Chicken Fried Stupid!!!

A final decision was not reached by end of day Friday and the temporary custody arrangements that had been imposed prior to the hearing were to be observed until further notice.

To celebrate the fact that she is unfit to raise her own children, Britney celebrated all weekend by showing off her massive lips and partying at Les Deux. And about those lips – they actually don’t look bad. But the problem is that they are so big, they’ve created a crease around her mouth, particularly above her upper lip, giving the illusion of… gasp! … a moustache.

Thin lips trumps a moustache. Always.

Photo from Splash