Blackout is on sale today and of course Britney’s life is on full display too.

First – the custody battle. Court documents reveal that Britney’s appointed monitor testified on Friday and though no details have been released, her attorney insists that the information wasn’t all bad.

He also asked the judge to waive her drug testing requirements – apparently she has delivered clean results for 2 weeks and somehow 14 days is now the benchmark for long lasting sobriety. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

Still… Team Legal Spears believes that Britney will have her boys back 50/50 before long…provided she actually wants them back.

Not surprisingly, our girl hit the town last night – over to Winston’s where she went in the door wearing a black short dress and left wearing a pink barmaid outfit that she BORROWED from a stranger.


OK! Magazine claims to have had a spy there watching her every move. While sucking incessantly on a steady stream of red lollipops, Britney also made frequent trips to the loo and dirty danced on tables to the delight of the crowd, egged on by her friend/enabler Alli Sims.

Then, as she was standing in line waiting for a bathroom stall (can you believe her bodyguard didn’t clear the joint out for her?) she turned to a female bartender and admired the girl’s breasts:

“You have nice tits! Mine are all saggy!”

After eyeing the woman up and down, Britney then boldly asked her for her outfit.

“Do you wanna change? I wanna switch outfits!! Let’s switch!!’

Crazily enough, the girl complied and Britney ended up wearing someone’s sweat on her the rest of the night and vice versa.

I can barely manage to use a public facility, let alone open the doors with my bare hands and this skank readily smears another’s dead skin cells all over herself???

Chicken Fried Sick!!!

Then again… another case of Would You Rather:

Would you rather be friends with Emmy Rossum or change clothes with Britney Spears?

Another tough call.