So Britney failed a drug test the other day sending her team scrambling for an excuse. Every time they came up with one – asthma, narcolepsy – shot it all to hell.

But finally….success! An excuse that is not only plausible, it also might stand up in court. Faced with mounting criticism about her competence behind the wheel, given that she runs someone over every day, KFed’s lawyer will be asking the court to prohibit her from driving with her babies…not an outrageous request.

Britney’s team however will counter with the fact that she tested positive the other day because of Adderall, used to treat ADD. I believe that. They will also plead with the judge for understanding about her being surrounded by paps making it difficult for her to drive anywhere without hurting someone.

But why does this bitch refuse to employ a driver? Lawd know she has enough money.

Court battle resumes tomorrow…


photo from Splash