Britney Spears missed yet another deposition yesterday with no acceptable excuse – this after spending 5 hours at a hotel with Adnan, that creepy swarthy married paparazzo who has apparently now become her boyfriend/protector.

As a result of her latest legal defiance, per, her attorneys are firing her, claiming they can no longer represent their client because of a communication breakdown. In other words, she’s too chicken fried stupid and too chicken fried stubborn to heed their counsel, making it the third or fourth (have lost track) law firm to turn down an opportunity to milk out her massive bank account.

Lawyers. Saying no to money. A lot of money. Bitch is so crazy sh-t she can’t pay a lawyer to take her money. And she clearly wants no part of having to mother her kids. Clearly.

Britney is the worst kind of stupid. Meaning she’s so stupid she thinks she’s smart. You know those people? Being stupid is one thing. Some folks can’t help the way they were born. What makes it worse in cases like Britney is that she walks around with that Child Star sense of entitlement and arrogance and along with a criminally exaggerated confidence in her own brain it makes for a tragic combination…to say nothing of the fact that she’s constantly being used. From her own mother to KFed to her managers to Sam Lutfi and now…this paparazzo.

You will note that it’s been several days since Britney has courted a pap scrum. Several days since she’s hit up a Starbucks surrounded by photographers. Word is Adnan is now controlling her for his own profit. Rather than have her images shared by several agencies descending on her at once, Adnan is now supposedly positioning himself to be her exclusive camera so that all “candids” of her, that fetch thousands and thousands of dollars, are credited solely to him. Rumour has it he’s holding her back and telling her when and how and where to go and what to do.

Unfortunately, she’s too horny to care.

Will keep you posted…

Finally, it"s in horrible taste but hilarious nonetheless - Chris Rock performed in  NYC the other night:

"Britney Spears, boy. Even O.J. kept his kids, and he even killed their mother. Britney went and messed up her dance moves at the MTV awards and they took her kids away. Go rehearse and get your kids back."


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