So Britney returned from a romantic weekend getaway with Adnan, her paparazzo boyfriend. According to my sources, aside from flattery and the obvious gratification, she was using Adnan to get back at Sam Lutfi because Sam urged her to get help last week. Sam on the other hand is said to be incensed to be usurped by someone new and is trying to undermine Adnan by colluding with KFed who, I’m told, wants nothing to do with him. The cops meanwhile are apparently convinced that it’s Sam who’s been supplying her with the pills she’s allegedly been popping. Britney being Britney, she decided she wanted to go for a drive – give the other paps a chance to shoot her.

Seriously… you couldn’t script this sh*t.

Here she is accompanied by her assistant Carla, all dressed up with nowhere to go. At some point in the afternoon/early evening, her tire blew out. She continued to drive on it for a couple miles before pulling over and stopping traffic and getting the police to help her and then getting into an attractive X17online photographer’s car and getting him to take her home. At home she invited him inside. He asked to take her picture but she told him “Don’t be lame”. Then she asked him to take care of her car.

He left, she followed 20 minutes later, headed to the Four Seasons. As you can see, Britney is modeling a new pair of red boots and testing them out for the cameras. Maybe she needed a little pick-me-up. Word is her and Adnan are on the rocks – she is reportedly preoccupied by this. Just in case you’ve forgotten though, her kids are still with KFed and she’s been stripped of visitation until January 14th. Sounds like someone needs to remind her.

On a positive note – Britney managed, despite wearing a flimsy camisole, NOT to flash any privates last night. It’s a rare Chicken Fried Accomplishment.


Photos from Wenn