And back at the club.

They spent 9 hours taking the Chicken Fried from brown back to blonde this weekend. 9 HOURS.

And she was brunette for, like, maybe a month? 6 weeks?

To me this is not worth the trouble. It is already excruciatingly boring sitting in a stylist’s chair, and for 9 F-CKING HOURS?

How long does a perm take? Have always wanted a perm. But if it takes more than 2 hours I’m never considering it again.

So anyway, Britney Spears celebrated her hair lightening by hitting the club until 4am. Here she is leaving the Grand Star Jazz Club in LA and it looks like her crazy eyes are making a reappearance too. She also seems to be engaging the paps again, something she quite enjoyed doing when the fried chicken was at its peak.

Word is her father is loosening his grip. Someone is tasting freedom again.

Photos from INFdaily and Clint Brewer/ and GWOOD/