As of yesterday afternoon, she was still with Jason Trawick. And she (mostly) held it together. As of this afternoon, it could be an entirely different story. Because Chicken Fried is back to crazy. At least on the outside. In ranking Britney’s f-ckery for clothes, you’re dealing with relative. Like sh-t vs diarrhoea. Sometimes what’s a disaster on regular folk is actually not so bad in her case. Relative, see? And then there’s this. It's been a while since we've had a 2 Chicken Fried post day.

She went shopping today. The arrival outfit was ... ok. Almost decent. For HER. And then, as she’s prone to doing, halfway through the spree she decided to change. Into ass pants and a white tank, with that nasty weave flying all over the place. If the conservatorship was ever decided based on her wardrobe, Daddy Spears will be in power a long, long time.

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