Britney Spears went shopping yesterday looking a goddamn mess. Is this the real hair? If so, the real hair isn’t much of an improvement on the fake hair. After years of abuse and over treatment, not to mention all the medication, that sh-t just grows out busted all by itself, with a mom flip at the ends. Christ she looks bad. The lipstick is bad, the clothes are bad, the white socks are bad, it’s one giant shudder from head to toe.

After all this time I still have trouble understanding the disconnect. How someone looks in the mirror and decides it’s all good when it’s so very, very far from good. Because you know she cares about good. And you she tries to look good. And then she walks out her house looking like this, like she worked on it and is happy with the results…? It’s what happens when Chicken Fried is left to her own devices.

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