Turns out Britney and Adnan are NOT over. Not even close. On the contrary, TMZ.com reports she boarded a private plane with him late yesterday afternoon headed for New York Mexico. At press time the two have yet to resurface but as you know, Chicken Fried likes to sleep in well past noon.

Meanwhile Adnan continues to insist that he’s not using her for profit and she’s obviously so chicken fried stupid she believes him. Through his agency Finalpixx, Adnan claims he’s not selling photos and that Britney is not using drugs.

Finalpixx is also slowly releasing more shots of the two together, holding hands and laughing and kissing, and also images of Britney from afar looking rather pulled together. From afar.

Click here to view.

No doubt they’ll be new pictures of their New York adventure some time before day’s end.

Trip fling!

Trip flings are so fun. Trip flings are exactly what every girl needs to experience at least once. Especially a girl who just lost custody of her booboos, non?

Chicken Fried Selfish!