It never stops…

Today’s Chicken Fried update in break:

Britney went out with her assistant for a drive yesterday carrying her dog in her lap and smoking a ciggie at a gas station. Meanwhile every weekly has her on the cover – OK! Magazine spent a reported $1 million on a series of photos taken at Britney’s request a few weeks ago with the boys.

She apparently originally intended to use them for holiday cards and did not bother to ask the photographer to sign a confidentiality agreement. The photographer initially claimed she would not sell the pics but now that OK! has splashed them all over their publication, it appears she had a change of heart. As you can see, OK! has photoshopped the sh*t out of these shots. And OK! is in TIGHT with the Spears Family.

In other photo news – half nudie pics of Britney were being shopped around this week by the agency that reps Adnan, her new now ex boyfriend. They were taken at the weekend and show Britney wearing nothing but a tee with Adnan supposedly on his knees in front of her. Nasty!

Though the agency is denying they were trying to sell the images for $5 million, an Australian paper has reportedly picked up the photos for a measly $57K. Adnan’s reps however continue to insist that he and Britney are still together and that he has no interest in betraying her.

Finally, Kevin Federline’s attorney has confirmed that he has taken out a restraining order against his ex wife. No explanation required.


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