Drama chez Spears as she kept everyone up again last night as phones rang off the hook starting just after midnight. Here’s the breakdown:

- There’s been a plan in motion for days to commit Britney. This explains her parents reassertion into her life. NB - she DID NOT attempt suicide. Did. Not.
- The plan involved coordination and cooperation with authorities on the recommendation of a psychiatrist.
- The psychiatrist arrived at her house last night and determined she was in need of medical intervention. Another 5150 was ordered meaning she was a danger to herself and others
- Britney was calm and even made hot chocolate while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.
- My sources say she deferred to Sam Lutfi over her parents, and became agitated when they disagreed, preferring to sit on the floor and doodle on a notepad
- Britney is currently at UCLA and there is apparently a stand off going down between Sam and Lynne and Jamie.
- The parents feel that Sam has ulterior motives and is controlling their daughter
- Most curious however is that Britney apparently made it quite clear that she wants Sam to take the lead in making medical decisions on her behalf and the staff at the hospital have been compelled to follow his lead.
- Needless to say, this is not going over well with the Spears family
- Am told that Sam’s rationale however is that Britney hasn’t been a priority for her parents in a long time… especially Lynne. That if she was really concerned, she’d be “there for her every day, like I am”. Am hearing that he said this her that to Lynne’s face straight up, and that Jamie, the father, lost his sh*t.
- Britney meanwhile at press time appears calm and TMZ.com is reporting that she’s been allowed a ciggie break.
- Plan right now is for her to take her meds and, if she refuses, keep her in care by court order for at least 2 weeks.
- As for as specific diagnosis…many are assuming bipolar. Other insiders however are pointing to crystal meth psychosis which could account for her weight loss.

Will keep you posted…