Never without drama.

Britney was paid a reported $100,000 to host the Vegas opening of LAX on Friday night but for a while there it looked like she was about to bail. In the end, she actually did show…only over 2 hours late. She also initially refused to pose on the carpet which is why she was hired in the first place. Apparently the owner had to force her back out where she stood uncomfortably for a few seconds before dashing inside the club, only to be joined by none other than Criss Angel with whom she spent the rest of the evening club hopping around town and supposedly canoodling…with a large ring on her left hand, prompting yet another round of speculation about Marriage #3.

Exhausting. And heartbreaking too.

I mean look at her. The terrible foundation, the unmistakable sag on the corners of her face, the lines on her neck, the spots on her skin - irreversible damage and only 25…makes me sad. And then of course there’s the Low Classy.

Check it out, the way she’s sitting. My mother always used to tell me – only whores sit with their gep geps wide open. Gep Gep was the childhood term for “kitty”, similar to how western folks might use “pee pee” for little boys. Growing up, I was told that a real lady sat with her gep geps guarded and her legs tucked in. Clearly Britney"s family doesn"t believe in gep gep privacy.

No but seriously…who sits like this??? Who taught her it was ok to sit like this???