It’s not styled and she’s clearly no Natalie Portman but still better than the ghetto weave, non? With a little makeup and some product in fact, she might not look half bad. Shame she’s too trailer to give it a chance.

Hair however is the least of Britney’s problems.

As you can see, she’s still hanging out with Criss Angel who insists they’re not romantically involved despite two late night hotel visits under the guise of collaboration for the VMAs in 3 weeks. Right.

Seaking of the VMAs, Timbaland claims to have no knowledge of a Britney comeback. Being the music director of the show, you’d think he’d have some idea. Having said that, there was something in his quote that sounded disingenuous:

"I"m the maestro. If I don"t know nothing about it...could be, hope not. I don"t know, I don"t know nothing about it. Wooh, that would be a headache.”

And then of course there’s the increasingly acrimonious custody battle with that loser she divorced. A few interesting tidbits popped up this weekend:

First – on the heels of the constant stories circulating of Britney’s wild partying, People Online published a curious item about KFed in Vegas, drinking vodka out of the bottle, grinding up on random girls, and shining a flashlight on their asses (WTF???)… clearly a pathetic plant by her camp in an attempt to offset reports of her bad behaviour.

Next – KFed fights back with a subpoena, this time requiring a deposition from Promises, the facility where Britney was treated earlier this year. In question: whether or not she responded to treatment, what attitude she had during treatment, and whether or not she is still adhering to the recommendations she received during treatment.

See? That f&cker smells money, he will stop at nothing to get it.

And don’t kid yourself for a second thinking he’s after the best interests of the children he’s after.

Meanwhile, Britney appears to be without representation, supposedly having been dropped by her powerful divorce lawyer Laura Wasser who is trying to unload the headcase on to someone else. In other words, Britney Spears currently has no legal team in place acting on her best interests. And you also have to wonder as well: who is managing her money?

Sources say however that she is so backwoods dumb she has no appreciation for how serious the situation really is. Bored but lazy, unable to stay home on the nights her boys aren’t with her, she cannot resist going out, cannot resist being seen, even though every club visit and every late night is working against her.

Chicken fried stupid.

And finally, back to the VMAs situation – is there really a future failed comeback brewing? The buzz continues to build, although at this rate, the only thing that can save Britney now is not magic…but Madonna.

Remember David Crosby and Drew Barrymore?

Can you imagine? Can you imagine if Britney moved in with Madonna and Kabbalah’d her life around?

Praise Thetan, Ah-Xenu.