Britney was supposed to shoot a video montage for Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour yesterday but due to set delays the shoot will take place today instead.

Just as well…the technical glitch gave her a chance to get her hair fixed. And it almost looks real. Here’s Britney all smiles and in great spirits leaving the salon yesterday, clearly chuffed about having Madge on her side.

Britney’s footage will apparently “be very deep” and those in the know claim that “you’ve never seen Britney like this before. It will blow your mind.”

Word is it was Madonna who wanted to involve Britney somehow, perhaps sensing that the gesture might provide a much-needed spark in Britney’s spirits, and a distraction too…from the A-Rod mess that just won’t die.

Now Lenny Kravitz’s people are claiming that Guy Oseary, as revenge for getting dumped as a manager, was the one who leaked it to the press that Lenny and Cynthia Rodriguez were fooling around. Meanwhile, no one can separate fact from fiction anymore, as the New York papers are having a field day with the story, given that it’s the most exciting thing to happen in smut all season. The only downside to that however is that all of a sudden, everyone has something new to say…although Madonna does not seem to be deterred, focused as ever on rehearsals for the tour. Check out the clip below, taken during a recent video shoot…

Can you turn the vacuum off??? Love. Even better – how reluctant she was to give her approval at the end. Bet your boob job that guy stayed up all night trying to make it better.