Yes yes y’all.

After daddy took over and they sorted her out, Chicken Fried now has full access to her booboos. And how are they doing?

Well according to Gatecrasher they’re talking a lot of sh-t. Apparently Britney took her boys to a gifting suite last week and Sean P and JJ kept running around shouting “Oh sh-t!”

It’s not the language that’s the issue. Kids pick up language all the time. I’ve no doubt it’s happened to many of you.

But what are these kids doing at a swag lounge? It’s like that Victoria Beckham constantly dragging her children with her to Barneys – ultimate selfishness. Even I, the baby hating hag, even I know that.

So what did Chicken Fried do when them kids be cussing up a storm in the ho-tell?


She was too preoccupied to bother disciplining them.

See? The Ebola generation is breeding. More reason for me not to.

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