Believe it or not, she actually looks kinda cute. The headband is a nice touch to partially obscure that ratty ass weave. And the blouse too, even though only Britney Spears would wear it without leggings. Also, as noted by the rags, she appears thinner, lending credence to the reports that she’s been visiting a plastic surgery facility for fat dissolving injections. The bruises on her leg corroborate the rumours even further.

Then there’s the new beau – a waiter at Mirabelle called Michael who should know better than to walk around with hair from 1999. The ridiculously unreliable Life & Style claims they’ve been dating for weeks. The ridiculously pro-Britney claims they are simply friends…for now. Meanwhile the ridiculously Chicken Fried Stupid Spears was supposed to have her boys over for Thanksgiving dinner last night and return them to KFed’s for today. She also finally hired a driver after running over too many paps and refusing to drive without her shades on.

Can you believe a year ago we started getting daily updates on her bare hoo hoo getting out of a car? Time flies.

PS. KFed was seen at an electronics store yesterday and his credit card was denied! Someone"s hurtin" for that custody settlement, non?