When Duana guest posted during our trip to London, she wrote this article about the way they’re selling Britney – the same way they’ve sold her from the beginning. Cutesy and Disneyfied, sweetie pie voice, big smiles, and her head always tilted to the side attempting to evoke innocence where innocence has long since been chicken fried.

It’s a shame though that they can’t sell Britney the way Britney can be when she’s not being sold, a glimpse of which can be viewed in the video below during down time on the set of the Womaniser video.

She is delivering a hilarious (to them) imitation of her father, sitting and laughing along in a corner, mocking how he runs her life, how they communicate, how he’s managing her sanity - a side to her we’ll never get to see publicly. Because that’s not what they think we want. Even though this Britney is incredibly endearing.

There was an incident a few years ago, even before Britney and Justin broke up. An audio leak from one of her performances when she was caught cussing – Britney says the f word oh no! – off stage:

“I thought they were gonna f*ckin’ vamp!”

The clip made headlines around the world. How could such language come out of the mouth of a child star virgin?

Seems trivial now in hindsight but it’s an excellent example of what the Britney package was about: oppressive control that stifled a young woman’s development.

And still they haven’t learned: that those are the moments the public craves, moments we want more of, moments authentic and unscripted and much more fascinating than photoshopped album covers and rehearsed interviews.

After all, it’s the same reason we were mesmerised during her meltdown. Which brings us back to the Britney dilemma. It’d probably be better for her if we didn’t care. But we can’t stop caring.

Attached – pictures recently posted on her official site BritneySpears.com showing Britney at a photo shoot and examining stage plans for the upcoming tour. Also Britney leaving Nobu after dinner last night.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com