Brown Fried Chicken is trouble, been saying it for weeks. On top of all that, word is she’s now speaking with that English accent. You remember the English accent? At the height of her f-ckedupness she was messing around with Adnan whatever his name and yapping at the paps like Madonna, only worse...

Yeah, the story originates in The Sun, never the most slamdunk, but nothing is too crazy for Britney Spears. Especially not when she’s living at the Mondrian and left to her own devices. The Sun reports that she’s been walking spaced out around the lobby mumbling an imitation of Stewie from Family Guy. There have been other telltale signs lately too. The conservatorship judge wants to see her for an update and she’s been dodging the visit, and then a strange account on TMZ about her needing to hit up her bodyguard’s credit card because she couldn’t use her own.

I suppose this is how they justify keeping her busy. When she’s busy, when there’s a tour, when there isn’t so much idle time, she keeps her head right. The other side of that of course is that they keep working her so they can keep living off her. It’s one sick vicious cycle mess. They raised her to know nothing else, no other existence. You know. Yay for child stardom.

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