Britney Spears went out for dinner last night and they’re calling this a “mystery man”. It’s been a month or so since it was formally announced that Britney and Jason Trawick were done. Everyone’s waiting then for Britney to find love again. Britney, as we know, finds love fast. Or, she needs love always. This leads to, at times, disastrous results.

So who is he?

Some say it’s simply her bodyguard. Whatever. With Britney, is it ever just a bodyguard? Look at this guy. These are fuzzy photos but we can all probably agree, on aesthetic, he’s an improvement on Slum Bear Casper Smart, right? Given Britney’s previously mentioned love needs, which in turn means she’s not exactly discerning when it comes to her love choices, how could this have NOT been a date? Or, more likely, a new date-employee? Does that mean Jamie Spears has approved of this man and his potential conservator skills?

What business do they have putting her in Vegas for a residency if she can’t have a romance without it becoming a babysitting situation?