So apparently Britney was not in Antwerp the other day. Thanks to Kerri-Lynn in Antwerp for the update as the local papers have since printed that they’ve made a mistake, even though restaurant owner opportunistically is still insisting it was indeed Spears. Everyone has a price.

Other reports have surfaced that she was actually in France for a day – reasons unknown – before flying back to LA to be with her boys. Here she is driving around yesterday after visiting them.

Latest rumour – she wants to move to London for a fresh start. Something about getting away from KFed and trying to develop an English accent. Snort and bullsh-t.

As for the ongoing custody battle, word is Federline is looking for Larry Rudolph. You recall, Britney ran to Larry immediately after leaving Kevin. Then she went to rehab and fired him, claiming he forced her into a situation she didn’t need to be in. Then her father spoke up and defended Larry. Then she spoke up and trashed her father.

Holy sh-t. Seriously, did all that really happen? Indeed it did.

And now KFed wants to subpoena Larry knowing that Larry would know even more of Britney’s dirty secrets. Larry however is on extended holiday, deliberately cannot be found. He joked to Access Hollywood:
“(I’m) On vacation…Hiding out from Kevin’s processors.”

It’s kinda cool he doesn’t want to turn on her, non?

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