It’s all hers now, right? The hair, I mean. Is it her own? Seems short/long enough to be hers without a weave. And it doesn’t look nasty. This is a relative statement. All things considered though, at least the nest at the back isn’t quite so mangy, and there’s not sh-t falling out of it, and her clothes, they seem tidy enough. I don’t mean tidy for YOU, but by her standards, this is outing doesn’t totally suck.

Oh f-ck, wait. Never mind.

She flashed her chicken nugget. Click here if you’ve forgotten what it looks like.

According to X17 Britney was at The Abbey for lunch yesterday with a bodyguard called Ryan. They sat alone, privately, and giggled like it was a date. He was overheard calling her “baby”. In Britney terms, this must mean she’s f-cking him. Needless to say, everyone now thinks she and Jason Trawick are done. And that she’s replaced him with her security. Oh Fried Chicken. What are you doing?

I don’t like him. Based on nothing other than the fact that I don’t like his nose.

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