It’s called Tough Love. And it’s about f&cking time.

After all, this is a girl who has lived in excess for almost her entire life. Excessive working conditions, excessive partying conditions, with no structure, no limits, no reason to be accountable. And therefore a legendary laziness that is now threatening the welfare of her children.

Details are now emerging from the court ruling yesterday that resulted from a 3 hour legal meeting between Britney’s reps and KFed’s team. Britney didn’t bother to show, as you know, while Kevin dutifully and greedily made an appearance.

In addition to the main decision that Kevin will retain primary custody of the children, Britney will be allowed to visit with them but only under the watchful eye of a Monitor. She is NOT permitted to be alone with her kids at any time. Furthermore, if the Monitor decides that at any point the children are at risk around their mother, the Monitor has the court-appointed legal right to get them out of there immediately.

Britney in other words is at the mercy of Monitor. Good!

Further – Britney is to undergo parental coaching so that a professional can assess her skills as a parent. Can you imagine?

She is also expected to submit to drug testing and D&A counselling and "a missed test, refusal to submit to a test, or failure to respond to the testing agency"s call ... shall be deemed by the court as a failed test.”

Having said that, she is STILL not in rehab and apparently has no plans to be in rehab despite reports yesterday that she was headed to Crossroads in Antigua. Britney clearly has no intention of getting clean soon. She is however very busy being nonchalant about the whole ordeal.

Here are more photos of her yesterday, when she should have been fighting for her children in front a judge, out and about for coffee with her poor dog London. A dog that is clearly being abused. Look at that face! Who is protecting London?

The legal system might be intervening on behalf of the boys but who is intervening on behalf of these dogs??? Don’t tell me for second that dog is being properly loved and cared for.

Chicken Fried Dog Abuser!!!

Someone please…

Save London!!!

PS. Those nails. Ugh. Nails like that should be permanently outlawed. Why do they even make them?