Another epic night – can hardly keep track.

In short, Britney and Sam Lutfi had a huge scrap last night in front of the paps. She stormed off, ran off with a couple of photographers, called Adnan, hooked up with him for a while, then came home, had a standoff with her parents, then went out again, returned home for an intervention… and capped off the night – at 1:30am – by driving out to the drug store with her mom Lynne and that creepy Sam. is reporting that the Spears family is “creatively” trying to get Britney into treatment with Sam’s assistance. Sam meanwhile is c*ckblocking Adnan, trying to convince Brit’s parents and the public that Adnan exacerbates her crazy. But judging from the look on Lynne’s face last night as Sam paraded them out for a photo opp, clearly it’s a case of sh*t vs diarrhoea.

As of press time, all is calm at Britney’s house pending a resolution from last night. No doubt that will change when she wakes up some time after lunch.

Finally… check out these photos attached of Britney at several points during the evening. You will note, the arms are getting cut, her abs too. She’s been hitting the dance studio lately, looks like it’s paying off. Perhaps now that her parents are around, at last a positive sign of hope?

Should we start singing then?

There can be miracles… when you believe

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