We’re lucky these days if we see Britney papped once a week. She’s undercover, working hard, prepping for Circus…and it’s a super smart strategy. Chicken Fried Stupid finally not so stupid. Because what’s she doing is she’s posting photos on her own site instead. Photos you can’t get anywhere else. Photos taken during rehearsal.

Here are the latest – Britney rehearsing for her new video expected to drop around the same time as the new album.

As you can see, she looks unbelievable. She looks f&cking amazing! Squee!!! Can you feel it building?

On our last night in London we were glued to MTV UK. We discovered that Duana knows Britney’s birthday off by heart in less than half a second, Michelle can deliver a killer imitation of Britney’s Bend and Snap complete with hair toss too, and I rounded out the Britney trifecta with my very own Chinese Fried Chicken. Note the hair in a messy bun, the ciggie and the lollipop and the low classy oozing out of my bathrobe.

Britney, you see, is universal.

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