Remember yesterday Chicken Fried was all nipply in Australia? Click here for a refresher. She was free and tweaked yesterday…

But this is the photo that ended up on the Us Magazine website. Can you spot the difference(s)? Fried Chicken nipples were too obscene to be posted without retouching. Me, I find Britney’s nipples less obscene than Tori Spelling’s homewrecking face. Taste is individual.

Happily there will be no need for the airbrush today. This is Britney Spears once again in Australia getting ready for her first show even though some politician is trying to make a stink about the lipsynch. Something about swindling consumers who may be heading to Circus thinking she’ll be singing live.

Obviously this government official is a pop culture neophyte. Who goes to a Britney Spears concert expecting live vocals? Dumbass.

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