It’s my favourite quote of the week.

Chicken Fried Britney is supposedly carrying on with one of her dancers. He’s hot. His name is Chase. For me it was between Chase, Justin, and George but Darren wanted Chase so he can have him. Britney probably wouldn’t be so generous. 

Her father hates the fact that she’s been flirting so hard with him. He thinks it’ll be like Kevin Federline all over again. 

Not to worry. Because Us Weekly went straight to the source: Chase’s mother, of course. And she told the magazine that: 

"Chase is not dating Britney. He has a girlfriend. He is a good Christian."

If he was a regular Christian though, he’d be eating fried chicken every night.

Also attached – Britney and her dancers after she treated them to Easter brunch in San Jose as posted on her website.

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