It’s the latest theory – that Britney speaks in a British accent when the “British Girl” has taken over her head, and switches to other variations when the crazy button gets triggered. According to insiders, she’s unable to remember what happened every time she changes personalities, so if she’s British Girl when she’s supposed to be in court and refuses, she won’t be able to account for it by the time she reverts to whatever “normal girl” happens to be. How convenient.

Also convenient that British Girl only started coming around when Adnan started coming around. Adnan of course speaks with a British accent too. But while there’s no doubt she’s insane in the membrane it’s hard to separate fact from fiction given the sensationalist details being leaked left right and centre by a number of competing sources.

What is clear however is that Britney is having a very good time. She and Adnan are going out every night – last night was no exception – and she’s blowing through her money on speed and she and Sam are getting along well and now comes word that she’s set to host another party!

The Scandinavian Style Party will go down on February 16th at a private house in Beverly Hills.

"Britney has said "yes," to hosting it," Claus Hjelmbak, the Danish businessman who founded the event, tells PEOPLE. "I am beyond excited because the experience she gave everyone in December was amazing. She absolutely made my event."

This is the dude who was with her and Sam Lutfi the other night at Kitson – a new member to the Chicken Fried Entourage. Not surprisingly, Claus says Sam is a stand up guy (probably because he brokered the deal) and that Britney does not have multiple personalities.

Britney’s next court date is February 19th, just 3 days after her upcoming bash. Not that she cares…