Britney Spears returned home this weekend to Louisiana for baby sister Jamie Lynn’s baby shower. Britney caught up with friends and appeared in good spirits – see attached photos of the family gathering at the Spears home. Impressive little property, non?

Since daddy took over, things have continued to improve. Even the weave. It’s still not the best, but it’s definitely less ghetto.

On the professional front, How I Met Your Mother has ordered up a second serving of fried chicken. Britney will appear on another episode of the sitcom airing later this month…which hopefully means Sarah Chalke will be back too? Because let’s be honest, Sarah Chalke, like, totally made that episode.

As for Britney’s summer plans, there are rumblings she’ll return to studio as soon as June to kickstart her comeback. Have also heard exclusively that her team is actually contemplating a return to the VMAs as redemption for what happened last year. Will keep you posted.

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