Last night! All in the same space!

Oh la!

So Justin Timberlake and his clinger Jessica Biel were having dinner at Yatai in West Hollywood. Britney Spears walks in with her mother. According to eyewitnesses, when Pip and Shelfy saw her come in, they sank into their seats, dying from awkwardness. Britney ended up at a table nearby. She left after only spending half an hour at the restaurant. Poor girl.

Like f-ck!

I’d have had her back if I’d been there:.

We’re not going, why do we have to go? What’s her name? Do I know her? I don’t know her. I don’t know asses. And you’ve sold a sick amount of records. And he would be NOTHING without you. We only cared about him at the beginning because of you. So sit your Chicken Fried Ass down and stop biting your nails. Let’s get some toro.


All these girls. They all need friends!

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