Remember when Zoe Saldana shat on the media for invading her privacy? Britney Spears confirmed to ET yesterday that Zoe’s having twins. You think she’s going to cuss out Britney too?

I couldn’t cuss out Britney. It’s like swearing at a helpless child. Late in Dan Marino’s career, and even Mario Lemieux, the defence would go easy on them, because they were fragile and senior statesmen of the game. That’s what Britney’s become. At only 32 years old. I don’t know if getting that kind of respect is good when you’re still young. When there should be so much more to do.

What she’s doing now is launching a line of lingerie.


What’s the quality you look for in intimate wear? Think of Britney. Think of Britney’s clothes, her style, and then apply those attributes to your bra and underwear. Is that what you want going on underneath?

Here she is presenting her collection yesterday. Check the look on the models’ faces. Not exactly a confident selling face.