Can we sum up her week?

A judge takes her babies away. She is forced to hand them over to her golddigging slime of an ex husband who now looks like an all star. She is legally required to be drug tested twice a week and can only be with her children under supervision. She also has to suffer the indignity of being coached as a parent and then evaluated by the state.

So what does Britney do? Well yesterday for about five minutes she looked upset. But then... she went out.

Every night she goes out to a different hotel. Last night she went out again. And while surrounded by paparazzi, Britney had the audacity to say to camera that “I’m so happy!” and tell photographers she loved them. That the party is on her.

In the middle of the night she stepped out again…this time with JR Rotem with whom she had a brief fling. Not surprisingly he sold her out to the tabloids immediately afterwards. Still, it looks like she forgave him. They hit up McD’s in the early hours of the morning to quell the munchies.

Do you think she even wants those boys back… at all?

Just asking…

Click here for the video. Britney is celebrating freedom.