Gimme More!

September 7th. We’ll be balls deep in TIFF. But something else is going on.

The annual spectacular: the MTV VMAs.

And Britney’s back!

Marc Malkin is reporting that Britney shot a promo for the show with host Russell Brand on Tuesday, gamely referring to the “elephant in the room” and graciously joining in the collective ridicule that was last year’s amazingly memorable performance.

Seriously…it was like Airplane. It got better every time you watched. Rihanna’s face! Fifty's face!  It made our lives. Don’t lie.

But a year has passed. And it is a new medicated Britney.

Which naturally leaves us all wondering – if she’s doing a promo, will she take the stage too? She’s working out, she’s working hard, she’s recording in studio…

It’s very, very possible.