It’s not the first time a post has been so titled. And likely won’t be the last.

But seriously…




Chicken Fried Low Classy went shopping yesterday on Robertson.

I noted it during my Teen Choice tweets the other night – that I thought I saw a gel nail buried at the back of her head. Amy Winehouse is probably digging in there too.

Look at that sh-t.

Look at that mess.

She pays people for that mess.

And she’s not broke ass anymore.

So why can’t Britney Spears afford some decent hair?

It can’t be about access, it cannot be about budget. It has to, then, be about CHOICE. And laziness. And low classiness too.

She doesn’t care about putting her bare feet on the ground in a public toilet, she doesn’t care that a $20 trick on Las Vegas Boulevard has better hair than she does, she doesn’t care that she looks like she smells…

This is not a medication problem, this is a trailer park problem.

I will never fight my mother again when she rags my ass for not ironing my clothes.

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