Britney is celebrating the amicable resolution of her custody battle in Cabo with her assistant and friends, including George Maloof with whom she’s been friends for a long time. As you can see… her body, in a white bikini, it looks amazing. Amazing!

And she’s smiling. Not the crazy eyeballs, up at 4am smiling that became her chicken fried signature but something resembling contentment. They saved Britney.

Will she stay saved?

Encouraging, the following words from Larry Rudolph about the new album:
She's working with a team of top-notch producers and songwriters, and we're very excited about what she's accomplished so far. No album release date has been confirmed yet. She's got people around her that really care about her and are there to point her in the right direction in respect to the things she should be concentrating on - her life.


But please… please can she come back to the VMAs? Wouldn’t it totally make your life?

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