Everyone’s biggest complaint is the lip-sync. Critics have been moaning and groaning about it all morning. This I don’t understand. I don’t understand who goes into a Britney Spears concert expecting live vocals. It never was and it never will be.

Do you head into a Madonna movie thinking there’s an Oscar coming out the other side?


What you want from a Britney show is visual stimulation, killer moves, costume changes, and a sick body. On these fronts, Britney more than delivers. And she can still improve.

Because while Britney was not the spacey overmedicated robot we saw promoting the album around the release in Europe and on Good Morning America, things could be tighter. The energy is there, but the steps could be more crisp. This will come as the tour progresses. As will her comfort level. Last night she did not engage the audience except for a thank you at the end, probably because she was concentrating on not falling. Then again, Madonna rarely interacts with the audience the way she used to back in the day either. Both have become more guarded over the years. More controlled. I suppose Madge isn’t a bad example to follow.

What’s encouraging though is that as the show went on, Britney seemed to remember who she is. And she owned it. This of course is what defines a star. Britney is not the best. At anything. But Britney has always commanded and demanded our attention the way others cannot no matter how hard they try or how much money they spend. There was some question about whether or not she wanted it anymore – and this still hasn’t been answered definitively. But up on stage last night was a girl who appeared to want it again. Who appeared to love it again. The sustainability of it all remains to be seen. But f-ck it, let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Britney Circus New Orleans

Britney Circus New Orleans

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